Tough Enough for Heavy-Duty Hauling | The all-steel Freedom SE is an exemplary blend of quality workmanship and innovative design that goes the extra mile to deliver. Along with strength, durability and versatility, the SE offers a variety of specification options and a competitive price.
Designed From the Road Up | The Freedom LT goes the distance with extreme structural integrity, yet exceptional light weight for a high performance solution strong enough for heavy-duty hauling needs. This trailer's steel-aluminum combo offers a competitive weight and price with a long list of valuable options.
Strength and Performance that Shine | Weighing in at 8,200 lbs. equipped with aluminum wheels, the Freedom XP is nearly 1,000 lbs. less than a comparable combination steel/aluminum trailer. The Freedom XP maximizes payload capacity being able to withstand 60,000-lb loads concentrated in 4 feet and up to 120,000lbs. of uniform distributed loads.