The ONLY Liner That Helps Maintain Thermal Efficiency | Great Dane's patented reefer interior liner, ThermoGuard, contains a revolutionary composite layer that seals the trailer's insulation and significantly reduces "out gassing" effects that cause foam insulation to degrade over time.
Extending the Life of Your Trailer | Designed to protect a trailer's interior walls from everyday abuses, PunctureGuard scuffbands and wall liners are incredibly thin, yet extremely puncture-resistant. PunctureGuard provides the extra protection that will extend the life of your trailer, load after load, year after year.
Guard Against the Harmful Effects of Corrosion | A spray-in-place thermoplastic coating engineered for long-term protection from road abrasion, impact, and corrosion. CorroGuard offers chemical and corrosion resistance as well as a superior impact resistance to withstand the toughest road conditions. 
A Structurally Superior Rear Frame Design | Great Dane rear frames are renowned for their structural performance. Engineered with a combination of galvannealed carbon steel and stainless steel components, all-new EnduroGuard delivers corrosion resistance and superior appearance over other coating types.