Base Specifications

Geometric Dimensions  
Overall Length 48'0'' for WSAR 121 Axel Centers
Undercarriage Design Tandem Axle, Fixed Air-Ride
Web Thickness Standard
Mainbeam Flangest 0.38" X 5.00" Top; 0.38" X 5.00"
Overall Width 102.00''
Upper Coupler Height 48''
King Pin Location 30'' from Nose
Landing Gear Location 112'' From Kingpin
Front Corner 5'' Diagonal
Hose Couplers (Gladhands) Haldex Control and Supply
Standard Document Holder Tite Seal #158 Loocated at Landing Gear Crossmember Roadside
Additional Manifest Box None
Stake Pockets Front Five
Stake Pockets Material and Size Front 0.25" Steel, 7.00" Deep with 4" x 3.88'' ID Opening
Front Rub Rail None
Front Bulkhead  
Bulkhead Type None
Bulkhead Windows None
Tarp Tie Bar None
Bulkhead Steps on Front None
Chain Rack None
Tarp Restraint Front  
Tarp Restraint (Rope Hook) Location, Front None
Siderail Specifications  
Side Rail Type 6" Deep 6.5 Structural Channel
Side Stake Pockets Outside
Stake Pockets Material Steel 0.19" X 1.81" Inside X 3.38" Inside X 3'' Deep
Stake Pocket Spacing 24" Centers
Stake Pocket Location 0.38" Below Top of Side Rail
Rub Rail Type, Side 0.25" X 2.00"
Rub Rail Location Centered on Stake Pocket
Spool Quantity Single
Side Winch and Tarp Restraints  
Quantity of Fixed Winches Mounted Between Crossmembers None
Sliding Winch Track None
Buckplate Material Carbon Steel
Stake Pockets, Rear Five
Stake Pockets Material Steel 0.19" X 1.81" Inside X 3.38" Inside X 3'' Deep
Rear Impact Guard Carbon Steel Rear Impact Guard
Filler Plate None
Rear Bumpers Rubber Dock Bumpers
Tag Bracket Location None
Tarp Restraint (Rope Hook) Location, Rear None
Tool Boxes, Floor and Floor Restraints  
Tool Box Quantity None
Type of Floor Apitong, 1.13"
Floor Cargo Restraint Type None
Upper Coupler Type Unitized
Mainbeam Plate Thickness 0.25"
Landing Gear GD60 (Non Fast Gear)
Landing Gear Foot/Shoe 10" X 10" Cushion Foot
Tire Carrier No Tire Carrier
Bay Area Crossmembers 4" Steel I-Beam on 16" Centers
Extra Crossmembers at the Rear None
Model of Suspension Hendrickson AANT 23K
Bogie Location 90" Fixed From Rear
Dump Valve Hose Coupler Activated (Automatic)
Auxilliary Dump Valve None
Auxilliary Dump Valve Location None
Wheel Spacer (Corrosion Barrier) None
Pintlehook None
Walkramp at Rear None
Axle Type Hendrickson Tapered Spindle
Brake Size 16.50" X 7.00"
Brake Actuators Great Dane Standard 2.5" Stroke
Brake Lining Furnished with Suspension
Brake Shoe Type Hendrickson Extended Service
Brake Adjusters Great Dane Standard Automatic
Dust Shield None
Tire-Inflation-Systemn/Tire/Wheel Option None
Anti-Lock Brakes Wabco 2S/1M Easy Stop
Optional Diagnostics Cable None
Brake Valves Sealco
Air-Tank Drain Valves Manual
Mudflaps Great Dane, Smooth Black with Logo
Mudflap Mounting Location On Rear Frame
Tires/Wheels/Hub and Drum  
Rim/Disc Wheel Size 22.5" 8.25"
Hub/Wheel and Drum Great Dane Hub Piloted Universal 10 Stud Hub with Outboard Cast Drums
Brake Drum Balancing None-Standard
Wheel Type 22.5'' Steel Disc Wheel, Hub Piloted, 5HH
Wheel Stud Options Long Studs for Future Aluminum Wheels
Tire Size 295/75R 22.5
Tire Brand Bridgestone R196 (G)
Axle End Condition  
Wheel Lubricant Kendall EBL Grease
Wheel Seals Stemco Guardian
Hubcaps Stemco Sentinel Hubcaps
Axle Spindle Nuts Pro-Torq Nuts
Hubodometer None
Electrical Wiring/Lights  
Electrical Connector Great Dane 7-Way Split Pin
Electrical Connector and Gladhand Location Near Center Front
Exterior Lighting Package All Lights LED, Long Life Lighting System, Grote MicroNova DOT LED
Side Bottom Lights 3 Each Side (Front, Rear, and standard Midship Combination)
Side Bottom Lights Locations Evenly spaced Front to Rear
Buckplate Light Type Grote Series 40, LED Grommet Mount
Buckplate Light Qyantity and Location 2 Each Side
Midship Turn Signal Grote MicroNova DOT LED Combination Turn and Clearance
Location of Turn Signal Roadside and Curbside, Center of Trailer
Installation of Turn Signal Attach to Bottom of Crossmember
Supplemental Turn Signal None
Paint Black, Urethane
Wheel Finish White Enamel
Conspicuity Treatment Great Dane on Side Rails
Special Logo None